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Touch Screen Table

Touch solutions unseen before

Improves word-of-mouth marketing
Incredibility attractive and welcoming
Can be cleaned easily
Untapped market
Great for trade shows and multi-use
Rental options available

Incredibly Fun & Addicting

Impress your customers, create an atmosphere with a strong word of mouth tool

Intel quad core processor

64 bit processor that can handle desktop class performance on a high definition screen.

40in 1080p LDC screen

a new touch experience on a massive 40 inch high definition 1080p LCD touch screen.

10 point multitouch

enjoy touch tables together, with 10 touch points so multiple people can use the table at once

stunning & engaging design

technology meets furniture in a stunning, beautiful, and solid design

Exclusive to Venbit

Venbit is now the proud owner of the company TableTech. These gems are memorable experiences built around state of the art technology. The screens are durable, water resistant, and highly attractive in any home or business.
Welcome to the future of furniture and technology in a innovative and subtle way never before seen.

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Local SEO & Monitoring
Keyword Tracking
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Digital Signage

Turning LCD TVs into beutiful displays

Turn any LCD TV into stunning signage. Designs can be created for any size and resolutions from 720p, 1080p, and
4k screens. We can also do slideshows, work with animations, and remotely update the screens for fresh new
content and a bonus in cost savings.

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